We have been lucky enough to work with a not-for-profit organization called EPIC Recruit Assist to offer software testing training to a group of young adults on the autism spectrum, through a new initiative known as the “EPIC TestAbility Academy”.

In this talk, we will describe:

  • What is the autism spectrum and why it aligns with software testing
  • How this relationship came about
  • Why it is important to seek opportunities that drive diversity
  • Key relationships, shared goals and building the vision
  • The importance of communication
  • Building a balanced programme
  • Preparation that was required to get the programme off the ground
  • Lessons learned in finding participants
  • Lessons learned delivering the training
  • The outcomes for the candidates on completion of the programme.


  • What autism is and how those with autism can be particularly suited to IT work.
  • Why you should think about reaching out and helping to grow the IT community.
  • An insight into how you can go about getting a program up and running and the problems you might encounter.