I know something you don’t know. You know something I don’t know. And I don’t know what you know that I would need to know. This is where individual contributor approach to software development and testing breaks down. Why aren’t we working together, contributing together and learning together? Why do we, often at best, collaborate on the requirements and understanding of what to build, and then step away for implementation, only to come back to test it after?

This talk looks into my experiences in pairing (two people one computer) and mobbing (more than two people one computer), and the wonders of being a non-programming tester whose ideas get translated into code as equal. The journey to get to pairing and mobbing has been a rocky road, with loads of practical tips to offer on how to approach it.

In software development, those who learn the fastest do best. Could pairing and mobbing take us teamwork to the next level by enabling learning between everyone? Lessons specific to skillsets rub in both ways, leaving everyone better off after the experience.