“So what do you actually do?” asked everyone. “Well I just explore the app and find bugs and I stop bad things from getting into the hands of users.” I replied.

Did I really just say that? How uninspiring! Everyone continued to ask questions. “Why waste your time doing that? Why don’t you just automate everything?”.

“Well, um. There’s this thing about testing that it’s kinda, well you know, better than automation. Maybe, well.” I paused to take a breath and the following spilled out, “Let’s automate everything and I’ll play around with the app during regression testing and it’ll be OK.”

It wasn’t OK.

Over the last three years I’ve discovered – or perhaps rediscovered – the true value of exploratory testing. I have the following to thank: the incredible testing community, building an exploratory testing tool from scratch and learning to share content with unrestraint. Plus a little secret I can’t wait to reveal!

By the end of this talk you’ll discover ways to share the value of exploratory testing. We’ll look at compelling reasons why exploratory testing rocks! Together we’ll learn it’s never too late to discover and share the awesomeness of exploratory testing.

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