Let's Talk About Ethics And Software Testing - Tobias Geyer

Let's Talk About Ethics And Software Testing - Tobias Geyer


Testing is a craft which evolves continuously - instead only checking of functional correctness manually testers nowadays also use automation and keep an eye on the so called "-ilities" like usability and accessibility.

Current trends like IoT, Big Data and autonomous driving bring another area into focus: The ethical examination of the newly developed features. Users are being subjected to ethically questionable algorithms already and they will become more present in the future. Some of those questionable algorithms made it into mass media and harmed the reputation of companies - something which could have been prevented beforehand.

As with most new areas which testers can work in ethics seems hard to get a grip on. How can ethical implications be tested for? Which guidelines exist already and what to they contain? Does this affect my current software under test or can ethics be ignored?

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