Experiences In Modern Testing - Alan Page

Experiences In Modern Testing - Alan Page


While software testing has always been changing and evolving, the changes many of us are seeing recently go well beyond the scope of changes we’ve seen in the last two (or more) decades. Independent test teams are fading in favour of testers embedded into the development team. Large portions of automation are now owned by developers. Data analysis and monitoring are taking on a prevalent role. Technical skills well beyond writing code are becoming critical knowledge. The scope and breadth of the test role is requiring more and more expertise and depth of knowledge.

Alan Page has led (and is leading) teams through the transformation to modern, advanced testing. In a talk filled with experiences, anecdotes, and practical examples – as well as warnings about potential traps, he shares everything he knows (or at least everything he can fit into this session) about modern testing in 2018 and what it means to every software tester.


  • Knowledge of technical skills beyond automation valuable to testers
  • Ideas and examples of "new" tasks and approaches that testers can use to provide value to their team
  • Examples of how to lead changes in testing on your own teams