Less Is More - Diana Wendruff & Elizabeth Zagroba

Less Is More - Diana Wendruff & Elizabeth Zagroba


A colleague attempts to compliment you but insults you in the process. You ask someone a yes or no question, and they explain the system to you for 45 minutes. You open a ticket to find a pasted email chain, unedited. At times we all can make conversations too lengthy, or without adequate forethought. The result can be that we may come across as fake or insincere. Why does any of this need to be communicated?

In this talk, we want to impart that experience onto others. We’ll present techniques for how people can quickly come to a common understanding. We’ll share examples of how a short interaction doesn’t have to be superficial. You’ll find out what you can you say to a confidant that you might not want to say to an acquaintance. We’ll engage you in learning about self-awareness, social norms, and judgement. You’ll know how to be succinct quickly so less can be more.

You’ll understand:

  • Which conversations to have
  • When to be a listener
  • When to think things through