How To Win With Automation And Influence People - Gwen Diagram

How To Win With Automation And Influence People - Gwen Diagram


Choosing an automation framework can be hard. When Gwen started at her current role there were nine different test automation frameworks in use for acceptance testing and a lot of the tests had been abandoned and were not running as part of the CI solution. If test automation is not running, what value could it add? The tests that were being run were labelled only as Functional tests and replaced unit tests. These tests covered component, integration and sometimes even end to end testing. Entire layers of testing were missing which made refactoring and receiving quick feedback difficult.

This is an experience report from when Gwen joined a large organisation and how, with the help of other members of the team, created a clear multi team automation solution. By implementing practices such as pairing, cross team code reviews and clear descriptions of what layers of testing covered what the teams came together to write clear, useful automation.

If you have a team working on multiple products, implementing a framework that can be picked up easily when moving between teams is essential and within this talk, Gwen will explain how to present the ideas to not only members of the team but also, how to get senior management on board with delivering an easy to use, multi-layered framework.


Attendees will understand the different layers of testing - and how to sell that idea to not only within the team but outside to senior management as well.

They will understand how to solve the problem of frameworks not covering all layers of automation.

Attendees will find out how to get all members of the team on board to create tests at all layers, not just the testers or the developers.