TestBash Essentials Brighton 2019

TestBash Essentials Brighton 2019

The inaugural TestBash Essentials software testing conference took place in Brighton on 3rd April 2019 as part of the week-long extravaganza that is TestBash Brighton. The aim of this new conference was to provide an introduction to the world of software testing for those that are newer to testing, and the feedback from our 200+ attendees was that it was just what they needed!

All the talks were recorded and have been made available in this series, some are free to watch and others require Pro Membership... so get stuck in!

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We would like to thank our TestBash Essentials 2019 event sponsors, American Express, TAB, Legal & General and IQVIA for supporting this software testing conference and the software testing community.

If you would like to attend a TestBash software testing conference or any of our events then please check our latest schedule on our events page.