Accessibility (or on short a11y, read ally) and inclusive design is a tough job to design and develop for. So please, don't annoy your developers with accessibility testing by hand! Or worse, have a dedicated quality engineer doing so. Stop! Now!

It's time to automate the hell out of accessibility testing. Focus back on developing for accessibility and inclusive design. Tests can be automated, get a dashboard of the improvements, report regressions as deployment blocking bugs and fix even more accessibility problems with your saved time from testing. And at all, have your quality engineers back on focusing what they really should do: Creating test plans for your software and not do the tests!

In this talk you learn the basic guidelines of a11y, learn to know the tools with whom you can test against these a11y guidelines, how to use the tools and profit from them the results and reposts. In the second part you learn, how to build an automated a11y testing toolchain with those tools and you get an example a11y CI/CD pipeline which you can take home, work with it and introduce into your company/agency, which of course cares about accessibility and inclusive design!