Testing For Purpose - Ravneet Kaur

Testing For Purpose - Ravneet Kaur


Nothing will help a team deliver better outcomes than making sure they’re building something the user values.

This helps to improve the team’s focus by testing ideas more definitively before we invest in developing software.

In this talk, I'll talk about how to make concept testing an integral part of your culture of experimentation. We’ll apply the Lean Startup methods to answer following questions for our new ideas.

  1. Should we build it?
  2. Does it matter?
  3. Is it usable?
  4. Does it break?

We’ll look at how high-functioning teams design and run situation-appropriate experiments to test ideas, and how that works before the fact (when you’re testing an idea) and after the fact (when you’re testing the value of software you’ve released).

More specifically, we will explore how to:

  1. Identify where and how to invest the team’s scarce time and energy into better testing for maximum impact on outcomes
  2. Coach the team on the relationship between idea, usability, and software testing to get the buy-in you need for strong interdisciplinary collaboration
  3. Test ideas before you build them to avoid waste and help your team focus on what will really drive outcomes
  4. Test alternative interface patterns before you build them to maximize both product usability and purposeful implementation
  5. Understand your delivery pipeline and how to prioritize process and infrastructure improvements so you can deliver faster and more often.

Takeaways: To deliver agile outcomes, you have to do more than implement an agile process; you have to create a culture of experimentation. It's this commitment to experimenting that's at the heart of a high-functioning practice of agile.

After the talk you will be able to integrate the practice of experimentation across concept/feature testing, usability testing, and testing the software itself.