Let's Make Our Customers Happy! - Rohit Singhal
Rohit Singhal

Let's Make Our Customers Happy! - Rohit Singhal


Many good product and project teams try to understand different things when they’re asked to build a new feature. But how do we know whether our reasons are actually good enough? Are we tracking the user's activity and feedback about the feature/product? Do we have analytics in place for all our features? How are we validating that key/value is set correctly for various events in analytics while feature development? How about automating these processes with day-to-day testing?

In this talk, I will share how we did our analysis in order to get better insights for building the right product and adding more value to our customers. I will share my experiences, challenges, etc.

I will cover how we automated analytics and started getting more value out of it after its integration with functional tests and CI. Will also talk about a utility (Sentiment Analyser) we developed which helps us to generate meaningful reports from user’s feedback on daily basis and figuring out issues which we introduced in production with last release.

These two utilities will be in action :)


  1. Bringing a perspective to testing mindset to value analytics and consumer feedback
  2. Understanding the benefits of analytics and testing them
  3. Understanding the value of customer feedback. Figuring out bugs and crashes from feedback and fixing it back quickly
  4. Improve the product from consumers feedback