TestBash Home 2020

TestBash Home 2020

TestBash Home 2020 was our first ever online software testing conference. With a schedule spanning a full 24 hours, it attracted a truly global attenance with over 1200 attendees.

The conference was made up of 7 talks, 3 TestBash Revisited talks, 2 panels and two lots of our famous 99-second talks. We also had a live coaching and bug hunt session. It was our first time doing TestBash Revisited talks where we travelled back to an earlier TestBash talk, watched it live with the speaker, then asked them questions about the talk and what has changed since.

We record all our TestBash talks and make them available on The Dojo. Some are free to watch and others require Pro Membership. Here are all the TestBash Home 2020 talks, get stuck in!

Join the discussion about TestBash Home 2020 over at The Club.

We would like to thank our TestBash Home 2020 event sponsors; TestRail,  Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, Testim, Ebay Tech, Baangt and TestBuddy for supporting this software testing conference and the software testing community.

If you would like to attend TestBash or any of our events then please check our latest schedule on our events pages.