Quality != Testing - Anne-Marie Charrett
Anne-Marie Charrett Anne-Marie Charrett

Quality != Testing - Anne-Marie Charrett
Many of us have heard the phrase ‘Quality is a team responsibility’ meaning instead of quality being owned by one person (typically a tester) it’s something that many are responsible for. But what does the word quality mean for you, your team and importantly for your stakeholders? Is it simply another word for testing, or is there more to Quality than we think? Does it matter if we understand Quality or not?

This talk explores the importance of understanding quality in the context of a contemporary engineering practices such as Extreme Programming, CI/CD and Devops. When quality is owned collectively, it can facilitate testability and shift testing closer to the design process.

Do I believe testers have a place in this future? Absolutely! In fact, I think the role of a tester is needed more now than ever but perhaps not in a way we have traditionally seen our roles.

A must for anyone moving to contemporary engineering approaches.

Key takeaways from this talk:

  • Learn how testing fits into quality
  • How testing might fit into contemporary engineering practices
  • A way to have a conversation about quality at your workplace