Continuous Testing - Gary Fleming

Continuous Testing - Gary Fleming


Testing is an afterthought in far too many teams. By only involving testers after software has already been developed, we lose the opportunity to have valuable insights into what might go wrong or to explore areas that developers and product owners have yet to consider.

Moreover, in a Continuous Delivery world, this is simply no longer viable: we need quality in upfront and throughout our work. We no longer have time to find bugs later and redevelop.

We need quality beyond testing. We need testers involved throughout the process.

In this talk, I'll show you how to break out of the test column, and provide you with tools to use (like Example Mapping and Feature Toggling) in order to work better with your entire team. Through collaboration, communication, and exploration, I'll show you how to help your team from the very beginning of development, not just at the end.


  • Learn how to change your teams process to get testers involved earlier.
  • Explore Example Mapping as a technique for getting questions of quality asked earlier.
  • Use Feature Toggles to manage testing in a CI/CD world.
  • See how we can go beyond our tools to have meaningful conversations about doing better.