TestBash Mobile 2022

TestBash Mobile 2022

TestBash Mobile 2022 was our first mobile focused TestBash. Over 250 people tuned in to share and listen to lots of insightful mobile testing advice. You can now enjoy all the content from this event and take your mobile testing to the next level.

As always, everything was recorded and is available in this series for you to rewatch, or watch for the first time.

Who can watch?

Pro Members and TestBash Mobile 2022 ticket holders. If you attended TestBash Mobile 2022 using your Pro membership, you need to still be Pro in order to watch the recordings. If you purchased a ticket for the conference, you should be able to watch them as long as you are logged in with your MoT account. If you have any access issues please use the support chat.

Continue The Discussion

All the unanswered questions from the talks are over on The Club, as well as lots of other post-event chats.

Co-Creation Resources

During TestBash Mobile, the attendees co-created a document filled with resources around mobile and tesitng mobile applications or web sites.

Feel free to download it here!