Learning About Observability - Katrina Clokie

Learning About Observability - Katrina Clokie


Observability is a term that is gaining in popularity and driving new thinking in the operation of software. It's an example of a word with a lot of momentum behind it, which may or may not have any impact to the testing role. You can probably think of some other examples of buzzwords floating around our industry that make you feel uncertain whether you need to learn about them or how much you need to know.

This session will give you an introduction to observability, with a twist. Katrina will present the journey that she followed to discover more about this emerging field. Her practical tips will help you to determine your own learning pathways in areas that interest you. Discover the people, practices, and potential within observability and be inspired to find out more about something else that is unfamiliar to you.


  • A basic understanding of observability and how the idea is maturing
  • How observability has an impact on organisations and ideas that I have seen applied
  • An approach to just-in-time and just-enough learning for new ideas