TestBash Philadelphia 2017

TestBash Philadelphia 2017

TestBash Philadelphia 2017 - our third our software testing conference in the USA was hosted at The Fringe Arts on 9-10th November 2017.

All TestBash events aim to inspire and educate but in equal measure provide lots of opportunities for testers to meet, make friends and continue to build the amazing testing community we have. A big part of that at Philly this year was the first ever TestBash Circus, you can get low-down on this and all the resources to run the circus activities on The Dojo

We hosted 200 software testers from across the globe, had 16 great talks, lots of awesome 99 second talks and plenty of socials!

We record all our TestBash talks and make them available on The Dojo. Some are free to watch and others require Pro Membership... get stuck in!

Join the discussion about TestBash Philadelphia over at The Club.

We would like to thank our TestBash Philadelphia 2017 event sponsors, SauceLabs, PLUS QA, Mailinator, Zenergy Technologies, and vds4 Consulting for supporting this software testing conference and the software testing community.

If you would like to attend TestBash or any of our events then please check our latest schedule in our events section.