Continuous Quality: Moving Beyond Bug Reports - Neil Studd

Continuous Quality: Moving Beyond Bug Reports - Neil Studd


In 2015, I ran a workshop at TestBash Brighton entitled "Supercharging Your Bug Reports" (also available in a webinar format on the Ministry of Testing Dojo). In that class, I outlined some of the key components of an effective bug report, with the goal of helping testers to become better advocates for problems in their workplace.

Fast-forward to 2017, and my world (and beliefs) have changed. I've been working in some fast-paced environments with highly-productive teams, where life moves at a pace which is largely incompatible with "traditional" bug reporting processes. How do you effectively act as a champion for quality when one of your most visible forms of communication is taken away?

In this talk, I'll share stories of my transition, and how I coped when I realised that one of my biggest strengths was incompatible with my team's way of working. You'll see how I adapted, what approaches I chose to take, and how my skill set became enhanced when I battled through the fears. I'll also be looking forward, to see what the future might hold for problem reporting.


  • Why bug reporting matters (but why the method for reporting might not)
  • Ideas for quickly surfacing valuable information about problems
  • New methods for approaching the day-to-day challenges in your workplace