Imagine the following scenario.

You have a new commerce platform and you have just proven that it performs just as well as the old one.

As a team you have a goal of selling a certain number of items over a very specific time period and by using the current knowledge and data you have, you confirm this will not be a problem… until you receive a clearer picture of how the data will be structured and it becomes clear within 10 seconds that the system will not scale as expected.

What now?


  • Why did we need performance testing and how it helped us
  • What are different types of performance tests we chose to employ
  • Why we learned to vary our performance testing strategy
  • The importance of understanding our production data volumes and throughput
  • The importance of understanding our real end-user’s behaviours

All of the above feed into helping you create a performance testing strategy that can not only help you gather information of your system under stress but also help your testing strategy in general.