The most radical change to software development, thanks to AI, will be the centralization of all testing. Just like the world really only needs one social network, one shopping site, one search engine, the world will only need one centralized testing service thanks to AI. Today, testing is distributed to small, per-app test teams. These teams use their intuition and experience to define their test cases and strategy. They develop their test automation independently and from the ground up for each and every app. That all changes with AI. Jason shows how AI enables cross-app reusable test cases, test data, test plans and test strategies. Jason also shows how centralization of these tests, test execution, and test result analysis means that the centralized services will be far smarter, drastically faster, and much less expensive than any given dedicated team. They will even be able to benchmark the quality of your app versus your competitors. Centralized testing services will capture the collective knowledge of all testers and apply that learning via AI to all other apps in a virtuous cycle. Sure there will be room for a little customization, but 90% of testing will be centralized in the coming years. Jason shows you how to get ready for this change and how AI makes it inevitable.