The Poorly Titled TestOps Talk - Alex Langshall
Alixe Langshall

The Poorly Titled TestOps Talk - Alex Langshall


The term "TestOps" (along with related terms like "DevTestOps", "DevSecOps", and others) gets used in two very different contexts: as an important piece of the Agile/DevOps/Continuous Delivery movements, and as a condemnation of attaching -Ops as a suffix to everything under the sun.

Let's explore this. As a person with "TestOps" in my job title, I'd like to take the audience on a journey through the history of "TestOps" as a useful term to help describe the close working relationship between infrastructure teams and testers. We'll also look at how test environments themselves can be used as part of a modern tester's toolkit, and how TestOps practices can help prevent issues from arising in your production infrastructure. Throughout, I think we can examine the usage of the term "TestOps" itself - and see if it's a useful abstraction for you and your test organization.


  • Is "TestOps" just a cool name, or is there something useful in defining a close alignment between Testers and Ops?
  • What are the benefits of test teams taking ownership of their own environments?
  • What does the day-to-day work of someone with "TestOps" in their job title look like?