Testers' Island Discs Podcast

Testers' Island Discs Podcast

Welcome to Testers' Island Discs, a podcast focused around software testing and storytelling hosted by Neil Studd.

The concept is straightforward: each episode, Mark interviews a different member of the global software testing community to talk about their career, interspersed with clips and discussions of the music that they love. Every guest gets to select five songs and one book to take with them to the island.

Listen to new Testers' Island Discs podcasts weekly on Fridays. You can also subscribe and listen to this podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud!

If you'd like to appear on Testers' Island Discs you can register your interest, all you need to provide is your name, an email address and your five songs.

Neil is also collating all the songs and adding them to the Testers' Island Discs playlist over on Spotify.

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Series Lessons: