Testers' Island Discs Ep 11 - Karo Stoltzenburg

Karo Stoltzenburg
Karo Stoltzenburg
Neil Studd
Neil Studd

This episode of Testers' Island Discs was supported by TestRail, the test management tool that makes testing simpler - it works the way you test. Learn more and try it for free at www.gurock.com/testrail.

After an illness-enforced absence, the island is once again open for business as we welcome Karo Stolzenburg to talk about her experiences in Cambridge, the growth of the Software Testing Clinic, and an unavoidable discussion about Brexit.

We also get into discussions about creating safe environments for learning, generating test ideas and avoiding cognitive biases in our testing, whilst also finding time to hear a range of song selections which span TV themes, 90s rock, and our first non-English-language offering.

If you'd like to get in touch with Karo, you can reach her on Twitter @karostol or read her blog at https://putzerfisch.wordpress.com.

Karo's Links:
Meetup.com: Ministry of Testing Cambridge
Ministry of Testing Slack: #uk-cambridgeshire channel
BBC News: Cambridge bucks Brexit trend (73.8% voted Remain)
Ministry of Testing Dojo: TestBash 2012 (Cambridge)
Software Testing Clinic
Toby Sinclair: Are You Really Coaching? (Scale of Influence)
Elisabeth Hendrickson: Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet
Santhosh Tuppad: Heuristics Cheat Sheet Presentation
Ministry of Testing Blog: TestSphere: The Launch
Beren Van Daele: Consult the TestSphere
Ministry of Testing Store: TestSphere
Marcel Gehlen: RiskStorming - Mapping Risks with TestSphere
YouTube: How To Do Risk Based Software Testing Using TestSphere
BBC News: Meet the man trying to cycle from Scotland to Brighton (interview with Beren Van Daele)
Amazon.co.uk: Jerry Weinberg - Are Your Lights On?
Buster Benson: Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet
Agile Alliance: Three Amigos
Wikipedia: Known Knowns
Wikipedia: Dunning-Kruger Effect
James Thomas: Weinberg's Rule of Three

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