Testers' Island Discs Ep 5 - Alan Page


It's a privilege to be joined by Alan Page this week, as he takes a break from his own hectic podcasting schedule to share some lively discussion about "modern testing". We talk about trends which have been emerging over recent years, including automation, acquiring technical skills, and coaching others within our organisations.

Alan's island selections include power-pop, singer-songwriters, and a book which is like The Da Vinci Code but not terrible.

You can reach Alan on Twitter @alanpage, and you can read his blog at http://angryweasel.com/.

Alan's Links:
AB Testing podcast
Alan Page - The "A" Word
Gerald M. Weinberg - Becoming a Technical Leader
Mike Cohn - The Forgotten Layer of the Test Automation Pyramid
Phillip Armour - The Five Orders of Ignorance
Ministry of Testing Blog Feed

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