Testers' Island Discs Ep 7 - Lisa Crispin


For our final island visit of 2017, Lisa Crispin visits us to talk about the unique skills that testers can bring to agile teams, whether the world is waking up to important messages about diversity, and the role of conferences in helping people to share their stories with the world.

In an episode which was recorded over Thanksgiving, Lisa cunningly finds a way to bring three different pieces of music which have all been performed by The Beatles at one time or another, and a couple of other soulful 60s classics, as we round off the year on an upbeat note.

You can reach Lisa on Twitter @LisaCrispin, and discover more about Lisa's work on Agile Testing with Janet Gregory at https://agiletester.ca/.

Lisa's Links:
YouTube: Sallyann Freudenberg - Neurodiversity and Software Development (CAST 2016)
Google Slides: Guna Petrova - Me and My Deadly Sing (ATD 2017)
Ministry of Testing Dojo: TestBash Philadelphia - 99 Second Talks
Agile Testing Days
Lisa Crispin - Inclusive Conferences
TestBash Dublin 2018

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