Testers' Island Discs Ep14 - Amber Race


This episode of Testers' Island Discs was supported by TestRail, the test management tool that makes testing simpler - it works the way you test. Learn more and try it for free at www.gurock.com/testrail.

This week's guest is Amber Race (@ambertests), who brings a selection of topics for discussion which are almost as eclectic as her musical choices, which include rap, folk, classical and hard rock.

Amber and Neil share anecdotes of bridging the divide between developers and testers, and talk about the importance of empathy, teamwork, gratitude and humility.


Amber's session at Agile Testing Days 2018

Richard Bradshaw: Launching Automation in Testing

Eater.com: Inside Seattle's new Amazon Go store

BBC News: Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Cassandra Leung: I Downloaded My Facebook Data - Here's What I Found

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