Testers' Island Discs Ep18 - Paul Maxwell-Walters


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Our latest castaway is Paul Maxwell-Walters, joining us from Down Under to compare and contrast England and Australia, and discuss his upcoming talk at TestBash Australia, "Avoid Sleepwalking to Failure! On Abstractions and Keeping it Real in Software Teams".

We get into a bunch of philosophical and real-world political discussions, drawing parallels to our experiences in the world of software testing, sharing tales of teams who may have fallen foul of "sleepwalking" through their processes and discussing tips on how to help teams to negotiate these everyday pitfalls, and how to speak up within harsh working environments.

If you'd like to chat to Paul, you can reach him on Twitter @TestingRants, and learn more about the Sydney Testers meetup group @SydneyTesters.

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