Testers' Island Discs Ep19 - Maaike Brinkhof


This episode of Testers' Island Discs was supported by TestRail, the test management tool that makes testing simpler - it works the way you test. Learn more and try it for free at www.gurock.com/testrail.

Our latest special guest is Maaike Brinkhof, one of our most musically adept castaways so far, for some discussion about the connections between learning to play an instrument and striving for self-improvement as a tester. We discuss human biases (part of Maaike's upcoming talk at TestBash Manchester), the joy of mob programming, helping teams to uncover unknown unknowns, and the benefits of utilising "analog time" to recover from the madness of the world.

On the music front, Maaike's selections are a mixture of metal and classical, with some interesting symphonic and folk-infused subgenres between the grunting! For those who'd like to explore metal some more, Maaike has created a communal playlist "Testers Metal top songs" on Spotify.

If you'd like to get in touch with Maaike, her Twitter account is @Maaikees.

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