Testers' Island Discs Ep25 - A New Castaway Arrives!


This special episode of Testers' Island Discs is sponsored by SmartBear. SmartBear is behind the software that empowers developers, testers, and operations engineers at over 22,000 of the world’s most innovative organizations with tools to build, test, and monitor great software, faster.

After a great deal of exploring the island, hence the absence, Neil has found a new castaway host for the island: DojoBoss Mark Winteringham (By stealing his boat!). But before Neil leaves, he has one last podcast to share with Mark in this special episode of Testers’ Island Discs.

During Mark and Neil’s catch up they discuss their testing lives, what they have been up to, highlights in the testing world and a brief therapy session for our departing castaway.

Whilst Mark will be taking over the TID podcast, you can still keep up to date with Neil’s other podcast work on Twitter.

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