Testers' Island Discs Ep46 - Lee Hawkins


In conjunction with the Ministry of Testing’s Exploratory Testing Week, we welcome our Antipodean friend Lee Hawkins onto the island for a discussion about exploratory testing: Do we all understand what it is? Do we all do it? How do we estimate how long it will take? And how do we showcase the results of these activities?

With both guest and host bringing experiential stories which delve back into the 1990s, we chat about ways for new testers to become familiar with ET, the need for senior testing figures to share more about how they test, and whether automation has a place in supporting exploratory activities.

In perhaps the most musically on-point episode of the podcast so far, Lee shares his love for the many different and less-well-known facets of the band Status Quo, and we learn that they are not confined solely to music.

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