Testers' Island Discs Ep48 - Beth Marshall

Áine McGovern
Áine McGovern

This month’s special guest is Beth Marshall, who joins us on the island to talk about how we can advance our careers as testers, ranging from learning how to build (and measure) your reputation within your team, how to create a test automation portfolio, finding ways in which your experience can help you to give back to the community, and talking about the processes involved with creating workshop content.

We talk a bit about TestBash Home (even though it hadn’t happened when we recorded), the importance of celebrating everyday stories more than elevating people to heroes, our thoughts about the new audio-based social media platform Racket, and Beth finally teases an announcement from Neil about his new job (and how it ties in to a previous Testers’ Island episode).

Beth’s musical selections (both the ones that made the cut, and the ones that only just missed out) contain some choice gems, ranging from pop delights to motown classics, and she becomes the first person to select a Eurovision entry.

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