Testers' Island Discs Ep50 - Sam Connelly

Neil Studd
Neil Studd

To commemorate a half-century of episodes, we’re joined on the increasingly densely populated desert island by Sam Connelly, who hails from the 26th largest island in the world, to talk about her journey into testing and some top tips about building your personal brand, especially in the audio-visual and streaming space. 

We discuss the places to gain inspiration for our brand names, the challenges of pairing online from remote timezones, setting up your personal working environment, finding motivation during lockdowns, and recommend some ways to get up-and-running with streaming quickly and cheaply.

Looking at the person behind the brand, we also touch upon defining our personal values, discussing when it’s important to be transparent, which touches upon some of Sam’s hobbies which aren’t strictly NSFW but which might prompt awkward questions from young listeners; and Neil confesses to the time that he tried to tie his personal branding in with the Backstreet Boys.

Among Sam’s rich music choices are some Mongolian folk metal, another artist with a RuPaul connection, the first appearance of a violumpet on the podcast, and a song which features her name within the lyrics. Plus, finally, a book to help our fifty island inhabitants to survive!

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