Testers' Island Discs Ep53 - Kelly Kenyon
Kelly Kenyon
Neil Studd

  • 00:39:15


After many episodes talking about how we can help to encourage newcomers into the world of testing, Neil finally decides it’s a good idea to interview somebody who’s been through this process recently! We’re joined by Kelly Kenyon, to discuss the many (oftentimes musical) threads of her working life, and how they have eventually led her to discover the joy of testing.

We discuss Kelly’s experiences at the Coders Guild Bootcamp, some of her biggest learnings and revelations, and how well it’s prepared her for the “real world”. We also get into deep discussion about the challenges of managing and moderating your learning objectives.

On the music front, there are a couple of picks which speak to Kelly’s musical background, and an eclectic selection of chart hits which allow us to finally tick off a few more “I can’t believe nobody’s picked this artist before” entries.

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