Testers' Island Discs Ep57 - Gwen Diagram
Gwen Diagram
Neil Studd

  • 00:52:03


In an episode delayed by a horrible cold which Neil is audibly still not over, we bring two-thirds of the Tech Team Weekly podcast together as Gwen Diagram arrives for a long overdue (and colourful) testing discussion.

We talk about Gwen’s career and tech passions which have burned from a young age, her path from Australia into the UK, and the chance events which led her into IT, into testing, and subsequently into test management and engineering management. We talk about the challenges of big career jumps, speaking at conferences/online, speaking truth to executives, and representing the rights of the humans in our teams, in a session which was 100% not designed to be cathartic for Neil. Honest.

Among Gwen’s raucous musical selections, there’s punk, garage rock, songs which cause us to bemoan the passage of time, and the shortest song that’s ever appeared on the podcast (played in its entirety). Plus, Gwen’s Leeds musical roots give Neil the perfect opportunity to finally wax lyrical about his favourite band that nobody’s heard of.

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