Testers' Island Discs Ep58 - Callum Akehurst-Ryan
Neil Studd
Callum Akehurst-Ryan

  • 01:00:03


The usual Testers’ Island Discs schedule is back on track, and we’re resuming things this month with Callum Akehurst-Ryan, who chats about activities during the recent Pride Month, the importance of embracing people’s authentic selves, and espousing love for the joy of exploratory testing.

Along the way, we get into discussions about videogame crushes, tactical tattoo selections, watery mammals, using Dungeons & Dragons to help with healing from trauma, and there’s a little light excerpt of Callum’s DM storytelling which is perfect for ASMR fans.

In Callum’s musical selections, there are covers, AI recommendations, songs with videogame connections, and a track which allows Neil to share a peculiar punctuation-related statistic.

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