Ask Me Anything - Richard Bradshaw - Automation

Ask Me Anything - Richard Bradshaw - Automation

Our first Ask Me Anything featured Richard Bradshaw, aka @FriendlyTester.

The topic of the first AMA was Automation. Join Richard and our host Simon Tomes for a 60 minute whirlwind of automation knowledge.

Many questions were answered, here is the list that were answered during the AMA.

  • 3m 12s - How would you implement test automation for the first time in a company? what questions would you ask to make the choice of which language and framework to use ? pls make up a fictional company (website or web app) with an example stack to answer this question in detail
  • 9m 4s - Do you suggest or dissuade testers in seeing automation as a prerequisite for success in their testing career? Why? How?
  • 12m 31s - Do you have any links or websites you suggest for helping to practice writing automation?
  • 14m 48s - Continuous Delivery is a hot topic at our company at the moment, are there any market leading automation tools that would assist the current test team transition from System Testing into a Continuous Delivery world?
  • 18m 41s - Hi Richard, first of all, thanks to be here. That said, more than a question, just a suggestion: please don't forget to speak about the difference between "Automation in Testing" and "Test Automation". Thank you!
  • 22m 34s - Which non-technical skills should a tester have (and constantly train) to be awesome at test automation (not only automation testing)?
  • 26m 4s - How do you learn to trust your test automation? How do you know that your passing tests really mean you are good to ship?
  • 30m 52s - Where do you start with making a case for better automation testability in an application? e.g. adding ID's over using XPaths
  • 34m 47s - Hi Richard. How do you demonstrate the value of automation with quantifiable metrics?
  • 39m 27s - Current project has unit tests but no integration tests, there's no time to write them as business is pushing hard for delivery. Should the team be concerned or worried about lack of integration tests? If needed how to convince the business to let the team spend time creating them?
  • 43m 28s - What is the best example of a tool (to aid in software delivery) created by an automation engineer that you have come across?
  • 46m - What is your position on developers writing functional automation tests in order to consider their tickets "done" (with or without QA guidance)
  • 52m 1s - How to manage test data effectively in test automation?
  • 57m 10s - Would you have tips on how to go about automating in Windows applications that aren't web?
  • 58m 59s - Are there areas where automation isnt a good choice?

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