TestSphere Roulette - Episode 1 - Chris Armstrong, Rachel Sherratt and Shey Crompton
Simon Prior
Shey Crompton
Chris Armstrong
Rachel Sherratt

  • 00:30:58


Welcome to Episode 1 of TestSphere Roulette. Joining Simon at the roulette table for this episode, we have 3 awesome Testers:

  1. Chris Armstrong - QA Strategy Consultant @ Provar Testing (@christovskia)

  2. Rachel Sherratt - Head of QA @ AccessPay (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelsherratt91/)

  3. Shey Crompton - Senior Quality Engineer @ Prima Assicurazioni (@sheymouse)

The Roulette Wheel chose the following 3 random cards for discussion:

  1. User Friendliness - Quality Aspect

  2. Rejection - Feelings

  3. Pair Testing - Techniques

Future events mentioned on the pod were:

  1. Testbash Home (https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/testbash-home-2021)

  2. Testing Voices (https://huddle.eurostarsoftwaretesting.com/testing-voices/)

Thank you to Shey, Rachel and Chris for their great discussions and to the Ministry of Testing for supporting the podcast. If you wish to find out more about TestSphere, check out RiskstormingOnline.com or find the card decks on the MoT Store.


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Sounds and Music courtesy of Zapsplat.com