TestSphere Roulette Episode 12 - Deborah Sherwood and Benjamin Bischoff

Kristof Van Kriekingen
Kristof Van Kriekingen
Deborah Sherwood
Deborah Sherwood
Benjamin Bischoff
Benjamin Bischoff
Welcome to episode 12 of TestSphere Roulette. Joining Kristof at the roulette table are 2 more testing superstars:
  • Debora Sherwood (@deborahsherwood) - Quality Coach at Squiz
  • Benjamin Bischoff (@BischoffDev) - Test Automation Engineer at Trivago
The wheel threw out some really interesting topics for conversation:
  • Pair Testing - Techniques
  • Dark Launch - Observability
  • Peer Reviews - Heuristics
  • Comparable Products - Heuristics
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Thank you to Debora and Benjamin for their great discussions and to the Ministry of Testing for supporting the podcast.
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Thank you for listening and we look forward to seeing you at the roulette table again soon.

What You'll Learn

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Kristof Van Kriekingen

Test automator/Performance tester Consultant

Bug Hunter, Tester, Automator & Security enthousiast.

Deborah Sherwood

Engineering Manager and Quality Coach

I started my career as a software engineer and moved into software testing 14 years ago. From there I began my journey to become a quality coach and then adding engineering manager. I am passionate about making high-quality products that not only work but are accessible and meet customers' expectations. You may build something that has no bugs but if it doesn't do what the customer wants or requires, then it's not high quality. Outside of work, I am a Mum to two boys and three cats.

Benjamin Bischoff

Test Automation Engineer

Test Automation Engineer @ trivago, speaker and magician