TestSphere Roulette Episode 3 - David Maynard and Emna Ayadi

Simon Prior
Simon Prior
Emna Ayadi
Emna Ayadi

Welcome to episode 3 of TestSphere Roulette. Joining Simon at the roulette table are 2 more testing superstars:

  • David Maynard (@cambridgetestuk)- Test Group Lead @ Cambridge Consultants
  • Emna Ayadi (@emna__ayadi) - Starting a new exciting role soon!

The wheel threw out some really interesting topics for conversation:

  • Gamblers Fallacy - Patterns
  • Continuous Delivery - Dealing with Change
  • Claims - Heuristics

David plugged the Testing Peers podcast which he is a co-host of (along with Simon), which can be found here - https://testingpeers.com

David mentioned that Cambridge Consultants are hiring for different levels of tester, if you wish to find out more contact David or check out the company website:


Emna is very active within the testing world and frequently blogs about her journey, she has also compiled a book with Ard Kramer which the link can be found for below:

Thank you to David and Emna for their great discussions and to the Ministry of Testing for supporting the podcast

If you wish to find out more about TestSphere, check out RiskstormingOnline.com or find the card decks on the MoT Store

Sounds and Music courtesy of Zapsplat.com

Thank you for listening and we look forward to seeing you at the roulette table again soon.

What You'll Learn

  • Some really interesting topics for discussed in this podcast: Gamblers Fallacy - Patterns, Continuous Delivery - Dealing with Change and Claims - Heuristics

Simon Prior

Head of QA @ easyJet

Simon is heading up the QA teams at EasyJet. In his career he has worked in various roles across IT from C++ developer, Scrum Master, Build Engineer before finally finding his passion in Testing. He's worked in various domains from CyberSecurity, Gaming/Gambling and now the Airline industry. He has a keen interest in finding ways to improve the testing process and ensuring products are released with the highest possible quality. He also loves coaching/mentoring his team to be the best they can, enabling them to use all possible tools and skills to get their job done to the best of their ability Simon is a well known speaker and meetup organiser in the Software Testing world, a Podcast co-host (check out TestingPeers.com) and also a keen advocate for companies to consider Neurodiversity as part of their inclusion programmes. Simon was recently awarded Testing Manager of the Year at the European Software Testing Awards, with a mention to his great people management and contributions to the wider testing community.

Emna Ayadi

Test Coach

Emna is a passionate software tester and details oriented who loves to analyse root cause, test and collaborate with diverse people and investigate issues. She has four years of experience on international projects in different business domains (mobile, web, desktop testing and also automotive testing). She appreciates delivering workshops about testing for her team and to the local "Sfax Testing" community to make them aware about different trends in software testing and Ministry of Testing meetup organizer in Sfax. Outside of work, travel and sport are her favorite pastimes, adding extra qualities to her profile.