TestSphere Roulette Episode 7 - Beren Van Daele And Ben Dowen
Ben Dowen
Beren Van Daele
Simon Prior

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Welcome to episode 7 of TestSphere Roulette. Joining Simon at the roulette table are 2 more testing superstars:

  • Beren van Daele (@isleoftesting) - Quality Consultant @ Isle of IT

  • Ben Dowen (@FullSnackTester) - Quality Engineer @ Ada Health


The wheel threw out some really interesting topics for conversation:

  • Strangling Patterns  - Patterns

  • Peer Reviews - Heuristics

  • Accessibility - Quality Aspect

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Thank you to Ben and Beren for their great discussions and to the Ministry of Testing for supporting the podcast

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Thank you for listening and we look forward to seeing you at the roulette table again soon