The Artful Tester – Episode One – The Journey to Co-creation

When we don't see our experiences or hopes represented within the stories we tell one another, we may feel that they are insignificant and become discouraged. There is intense pressure on us as individuals to succeed, and it may seem that we can only do so in pre-defined ways, along pre-defined routes.

Sometimes it may seem that we’re at odds with vast external forces, stumbling into one obstacle after another. I've struggled in my journey to make sense of where to go, what my role could be, and how to grow (both in a professional and personal capacity).

What I've realised is that I don't have to do this on my own. We can collaborate to create a culture of possibility. We can support one another as we try, fail, struggle, learn, and grow. Together. I think I've found it here, with Ministry of Testing. 

Created by the incredibly talented Constance Armitage.