MoT Podcast - Adam Meets Paul Reinheimer


Adam Leon Smith talks to Paul Reinheimer from Wonderproxy about browser location, GeoIP and how mismanagement of GeoIP can result in some interesting bugs. 

Paul discusses how Wonderproxy could help you test your website to lots of different locations around the world - all without stepping on a plane or using dodgy hacks. Find out why Wonderproxy came into being, how it functions and how you can implement it to make the most of it.

Paul shares some of the more common bugs found and how you can use Wonderproxy to integrate with your automation tools.

This podcast was kindly sponsored by Wonderproxy.

Testing locale-specific code when you're stuck at your desk is like flying blind: you can't see where you're going. From our versatile testing solutions to our worldwide network of proxy servers, WonderProxy is built for localization testing. Squash those bugs and ship that next release.

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