MoT Podcast - Mike meets David Burns


In this Podcast, Mike chats with David Burns covering the topic of Automated testing and how to find a balance between Manual and Automated testing.

David is the Chair of the W3C Browser Testing and Tools Working group and co-editor of the WebDriver specification, trying to ensure automation frameworks in browsers are interoperable. He was an engineering manager at Mozilla within Developer Experience working on tooling and infrastructure to help make a better web and now heads up the Open Source work at BrowserStack. David has been a core contributor on the Selenium project for over a decade supporting Firefox and the Python client bindings.

The discussion covers how "When you're a hammer, everything will look like a nail", "The Shift Left approach" and

  • differences between Automation Testing & Manual Testing?
  • When would you would introduce/use automation
  • Will automation replace manual testing? spell the end of the need for manual testers?
  • Tools
  • The challenge in getting the right balance between manual and automated testing