MoT Podcast - Community Panel


In this episode of the Ministry of Testing Podcast, Mike chats to Beth Marshall and Louise Harney about Community, covering
 Why join a Community?

  • The Key Points to consider when looking for a community
  • Passive or Active participation
  • Personal experiences - good and bad about communities
  • Good practices for Community involvement - how to make it work for you and your approach

Beth has been testing for about 13 years and is currently a senior test lead at Smoothwall. She loves being in the testing community, only really properly joined during lockdown but am now a massive advocate for. She has followed Louise's journey closely so its super excited to get a chance to speak with Louise!

Beth can be found on twitter @Beth_AskHer and via
Louise is brand new to testing. She started to consider a career change last year and started pursuing testing with a vengeance in January.
She recently started her first job as a Junior QA Engineer at Studee.
She has relied heavily on the community for their support and has enthusiastically shared her journey to hopefully help others.

Louise can be found on twitter via @HarneyTester and blogs at

Listen further to find out about  how it's important to "Find Your Tribe", "Add value to the Community" and "interact and provide feedback"

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