New Adventures in Security Testing – Dan Billing

New Adventures in Security Testing – Dan Billing


For me, being a tester is as much about learning new skills and ways of working as it is creating great products and services for customers as part of a great development team. After more than ten years as a tester, and a period where I really didn’t know where my career was going, I’d like to talk about how security testing has reinvigorated my love for testing by introducing me to new ideas, techniques and possibilities. I’d also like to demonstrate how I approach security testing in my day to day work, making what appears to be a dark art much more accessible for testers who aren’t penetration testing experts.

Dan has been a tester for 14 years, working within a diverse range of development organisations, mostly in the south west of England. He currently works as a test engineer at New Voice Media, where most of his time is spent working on the security testing needs of the business. This includes mentoring, supporting and training members of the team to use these skills also.

Dan’s love of testing drives me to become an active member of the testing community, helping to organise local meet-ups and talks in the Bristol and Bath area.

He has recently spoken at MEWT, as well as the Bristol, Brighton and Nottingham tester gatherings. This summer, Dan worked with BIll Matthews to deliver a security testing tutorial at Let’s Test and at Nordic Testing Days, where he also gave his talk “The Testing of Fear”.

He is a facilitator with Weekend Testing Europe, alongside Neil Studd and Amy Philips. In the autumn he will be working with a team to organise a new South West Exploratory Workshop in Testing.

Dan lives in Frome, Somerset with his wife Rae, and cat, Misty