Mesmer Answer Your Questions


How does your tool improve my life as someone in QA?

Mesmer automates accessibility testing for mobile apps. This helps QA folks flag, ticket, and help fix accessibility problems without the drudgery of going screen-by-screen with manual screen reader and keyboard testing.


What misconceptions are there around your tool?

Mesmer requires manual effort to get started. Mesmer's automatic app crawler performs an exploratory test of the app to discovery key flows.

What tool feature are you most proud of?

Mesmer's AI-powered automatic app crawler, coupled with Gherkin journeys, help QA pros quickly achieve app coverage across an app's operable flows in days, rather than months of scripting.


What is your roadmap and how do you decide what to prioritize?

Mesmer loves to co-design with its QA partners and we are always adding to our road map. We prioritize features based on the problems our current and future partners are looking to solve. Mesmer will continue to release features, like Web support for Accessibility, in 2022. That said, we're all ears to hear more about your accessibility testing challenges.


How do you involve your customers in your tool development process?

Schedule for a Mesmer co-design session. We love to share what we're working on and get your feedback:


How do you test your own tool?

Mesmer dog foods its own tool with our Sandbox app. This allows us to ensure that the platform is providing consistent results. Additionally, we have an automated test harness that includes real-world apps with all sorts of complexity. Every branch must pass all of the automated tests before being pushed to production.

What is the most under-appreciated feature of your tool?

Reporting. Reporting. Reporting. Mesmer offers various types of reports in programmatic and editable forms, like JSON or PowerPoint, to make it simple to include in your existing workflows.

How do you support your customers when releasing tool updates?

Mesmer uses feature flags and a weekly release process to allow for customers enable and use features as it makes sense for their cadence. Release are communicated via release notes and Slack to help inform and educate new features and how to take advantage of it.


What type of support is given when purchasing your tool?

Mesmer meets you where you are with our sales process. Need a full evaluation and business case? We got you. Want to trial and buy on a credit card? We can get you started.


How would you like to keep the conversation going with the Ministry of Testing community in the long term?

Mesmer believes that all products should be inclusive and accessible. How can we make help make this a core value, rather than just a compliance check box for your product team?


Mesmer, the leader in Application Experience Management (AXM), uses AI-powered bot to automate mobile experience testing for everyone. Software teams offload time-consuming tasks to the bot, starting with accessibility testing for mobile apps. Deep Learning Automation (DLA™) enables the accessibility bot to autonomously interact with mobile apps just like a screenreader or external keyboard would to continuously find accessibility compliance violations. This results in always accessible apps, faster releases, and reduced compliance risk.