99-Minute Workshop: UI Automation Week Challenges - C# Edition

99-Minute Workshop: UI Automation Week Challenges - C# Edition

This 99-Minute Workshop is for anyone looking to start UI Automation or improve their existing UI Automation work. For new starters, you’ll learn how to create your first UI Automation, adopt good habits when writing code and see what is possible with UI Automation after some practice. For the more experienced, we’ll go back to basics to polish up our skills, remind ourselves how to create clean code and then look at how we can expand the reach of our UI Automation.

In this workshop, will be using C# so some knowledge of how to use the language is required which you can get from taking these courses:

For Challenge 3 only:

For Challenge 4 only:

  • Enable Developer Mode in Windows
  • Install WinAppDriver
  • Clone the WinAppDriver repository
  • Make sure you can open the .sln file: in WinAppDriver/ApplicationUnderTests/AppUIBasics/AppUIBasics.sln (you may need to add features to Visual Studio - these take 10+ minutes to install so make sure they’re done prior to the workshop!) - you don’t need to run the solution, just being able to open it will ensure what is needed is installed
  • Install Accessibility Insights for Windows

What You'll Learn

  • Practise creating a basic UI automation check
  • Discover patterns to improve UI automation code
  • Adapt UI automation checks to use visual checking techniques
  • Adapt UI automation checks to run across different browsers
  • Practise automating the UI of a Desktop application