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  • Eva Podbrdská
  • Beyond The UI - Introduction To HTTP Proxying
    Eva Podbrdská
    99 Minute Workshop

    Beyond The UI - Introduction To HTTP Proxying


    99 Minute Workshop


    Are you interested in web APIs but they feel a bit intimidating to you? Do you want to get a little more technical in your testing? Are you looking to expand your testing toolbox? I will guide you through using an http proxy to test scenarios you wouldn't be able to test just through the UI. I will show you that tinkering with APIs is actually easy and fun. We will be testing a web app in this workshop but the principles you'll learn apply to mobile testing too.


    • List scenarios that require using a proxy
    • Intercept and examine http requests and responses
    • Identify response body values to be modified
    • Modify a response and observe the UI outcome


    Please ensure the following tools are installed:


    Eva Podbrdská
    Eva Podbrdská
    QA Engineer
    I work as a tester on the backend team of Showmax - a VoD platform operating in sub-saharan Africa. I switched my career into IT in 2019 after my parental leave and it was the best decision in my life so far. I enjoy figuring out how things work, I enjoy playing with APIs, microservices and databases and most of all I enjoy asking questions. I love dogs and sometimes torture my violin. I am autistic (and probably also ADHD)

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    Are the Workshops Recorded?

    Our 99-minute workshops are designed to be attended live. If you can’t make the scheduled time, we will add highlights of the workshop in the future once the workshops are complete.