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Experience Reports: Risks and Charters

Experience Reports

About This Experience Reports

Vernon Richards is your host for today and he will focus on the challenge: Risks and Charters.

Each speaker will share their solution to this challenge, how they became more familiar with the link between risks and charters and how they've used charters to test for specific risks. We would also be looking to lear how they've identified risks to help create a range of charters for exploratory testing.

If you want to see the format in action, check out the recordings from the UI Automation Week which happened back in February 2021.

Your Host

Vernon Richards

Vernon Richards

Test Evangelist / Mentor

Vernon has been testing software for 14 years starting with video games on PS2, Xbox and PC. In that time, many changes have occurred in the software development world but testers often still use the trusty old vocabulary of “tests cases”, “pass/fail” and “giving confidence”. Taking advantage of a diverse range of experiences gained on projects such as F1 racing teams, networked gambling machines and others, Vernon helps teams speak in a language the business can understand - no translation necessary!