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Testing Family Feud

Testing Family Feud

About This Testing Family Feud

We've reserved a super fun end to a fantastic week of Exploratory Testing.

Join us and our host Tristan Lombard for this much loved game show, Testing Family Feud!

You'll work with your team to guess the top answers to a whole host of questions. The team who guesses the most amount of highly voted answers wins.

This game show will challenge your thoughts on testing as well as how far outside of the box you can think.

Our survey're going to love it! So, grab your favourite snacks and a comfy spot to tune in, cheer on the teams and add your guesses to the chat.

Your Host

Tristan Lombard

Tristan Lombard

Community Builder

I believe in bringing value to companies by building inclusive online communities, inspiring rising leaders to share their knowledge with others, and creating programs for customers to share their voice with product and dev leaders. I am a community organizer and former social worker who fell love with test automation, software quality, and community management. Let's build community. Together.